Introducing Post Buddy

Introducing Post Buddy

Post Buddy is a simple, easy fence post repair system.

Thanks to this revolutionary product, repairing broken timber fence posts is no longer the difficult, time-consuming chore it used to be.
The story began in Sheffield, in the garden of Wayne and Gaby Phelan, when a few of their fence posts had rotted at ground level, causing the fence to lean. Wayne did not relish the thought of digging out and replacing the damaged posts. He knew that existing repair products on the market made for hours of hard work. Wayne put his mind to coming up with a quicker, easier solution to this problem…and Post Buddy was born.

Post Buddy is a simple, yet highly effective way of fixing broken fence
posts of all sizes.  There is no need to dig up the post or dismantle any of the existing fencing.  Post Buddy will repair posts in even the tightest of spaces, without the need to disturb beautiful, mature planting.

The Post Buddy system consists of two steel stakes, 750mm long, powder coated in brown to blend in with most garden environments. Driven deep into the ground, the Post Buddy stakes find a firm anchor between the still solid underground wood of the fence post and the existing concrete base. Post Buddys are rigid enough to give strong support to the post, yet flexible enough to make installation easy.  Once the top of the Post Buddy stake has been securely screwed into place , it acts like a splint, simply re-joining the two parts of the post. The fence post is straight and solid once again.

Post Buddy now holds a full UK patent, with nearly 100,000 sold online.