In the Tin

In the Tin

Suttons have announced a new range of mini seed tins available for 2018 that are promising to be a big hit with gardeners.


Suttons have shared their delight at the announcement of their all new mini Seed Tin Range for the 2018 season stating “We’ve put our 12 most popular varieties of vegetable seed for successional sowing into these handy seed tins”.

Each tin contains twice the amount of seed than in a standard seed packet, which is split into three sachets inside the tin to help gardeners manage their successional seeds. This means there is no more ripping of packets and then rolling down the tops, trying to keep the remaining seed safe and dry, these mini seed tins, which are slightly smaller than the size of a deck of cards, do this for the user whilst also looking great on a shelf in the kitchen, utility or shed. The sturdy metal tins also have a hinged lid and are the perfect size for a back pocket or apron. The classic styling is reminiscent of more than 200 years of Suttons Heritage in Seeds, as well as proudly bearing the Royal Warrant. The tins have also been purposely designed on the side to look like the spine of a book, so that they can all be lined up in “bookcase fashion”.The tins come in a wooden display stand 375mm wide with explanatory POS. The start-up Collection is 480 tins in total (that’s 40 of each of the 12 varieties). The Collection price is £990 excl. VAT (product code 24 00 08).The unit price for this collection is the equivalent of £2.06 excl. VAT. Suttons are launching a PR Campaign as well as advertising in specialist garden press.

“Our new mini successional seed tins have been really well received by the horticultural trade. Stands will be going into garden centres that already stock the Suttons A-Z range of seeds in October of this year and many retailers are dual siting the range on to their Christmas gift areas. It’s a perfect stocking filler,” explained Hilary Mabbutt, Sales and Marketing Director. The seeds tins will be available direct on line at the same RRP as for retail customers. This continues with Suttons philosophy and partnership ethos to not compete with its retail trade partners by not discounting its seeds through its direct to consumer channel.

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