Fix Broken Fence Posts After Winter Storms

Fix Broken Fence Posts After Winter Storms

This winter the whole of the UK has had to suffer a fair few winter storms with some areas of the country experiencing gusts of around 100mph. One of the effects: many, many snapped fence posts, and many leaning fences in danger of total collapse. All of them in need of repair before the next storm hits and flattens the fence completely.

Before and after Post Buddy

Most people don’t fancy the laborious, time-consuming job of digging up and replacing the broken posts, or can afford the cost of paying a contractor to do it.

A Simple, Easy Solution…Post Buddy!

The Post Buddy system is the simple DIY repair for broken fence posts, with no digging required! This unique, patented system consists of 2 slim steel stakes, 750mm long, driven deep into the ground at the point where the post and the surrounding concrete base meet. The combined below-ground wood and concrete form a solid base for Post Buddy to anchor into. Each repair stake has a chamfered tip to help guide it into the correct position and ridges along the bottom for better grip. 8 screw holes allow for a strong fix to the fence post. Once loosely screwed to the fence post just above the damaged section, the Post Buddy forms a solid link and simply re-join the 2 parts of the post, much like a splint. Post Buddy’s flexibility allows the post to be pulled straight before fully tightening the screws. This all results in a solid, upright fence post once again, all done in a matter of minutes.

Increasing numbers of people are turning to the Post Buddy system for a quick, easy answer to broken posts. A continued increase in sales through the Post Buddy website bears witness to that fact. Customers have great things to say about Post Buddy on Trust Pilot, the independent review site: ‘A simple but effective piece of kit.’, ‘Great idea, very simple to install.’, ‘It took about ten minutes to repair the post….Perfect!’, ‘Absolutely brilliant so quick & easy – the wobbly post is now solid. Great product’, ‘Post Buddy system – wow! ….Wonderful, innovative but ultimately simple product that really works….’.  No wonder the Post Buddy system has a 5-star ‘Excellent’ rating.

The Post Buddy fence post repair system has traditionally only available through the Post Buddy website, plus Amazon and eBay. One question potential customers often asked is ‘why is Post Buddy not available in any DIY or Hardware store?’

With this in mind, the team have worked hard to get Post Buddy retail-ready.

The system comes ready in packs of 2 with an eye-catching label, full installation instructions on the reverse side and its weather-proof to make it suitable for internal or external displays. Post Buddy are designed to hang from Eurohooks and the product’s long, slim shape takes up very little retail space.

Post Buddy is fully patented and trademarked in the UK and U.S.A.