COBRA: The new power in gardening

COBRA: The new power in gardening

A range of high quality and affordable lawnmowers and other powered garden products has been launched by Henton & Chattell.


Cobra is the largest single range of domestic lawnmowers and powered garden equipment to be announced in recent times. The entire range of over 70 products has been specifically designed to meet British lawn and garden conditions and is deliberately priced to provide an economic but hard working solution for UK gardeners without compromising on quality.


The range includes 16 petrol powered walk behind lawnmowers catering for lawns and budgets of all sizes, each mower has a hard-wearing steel-deck and the range features uniquely flexible height-of-cut adjustment with a larger than usual collection system.


In addition, there are five electric mowing options for smaller lawns and three cylinder push mowers, which are very popular amongst gardeners with very small areas of turf and those looking for greener options. There are also two hard working electric scarifers that will scratch thatch out of lawns with ease, and a hand push lawn sweeper, that will pick up fallen leaves and other garden and lawn debris.


Petrol power extends across Cobra’s garden maintenance tools with two options for chainsaws, cultivators and brush cutters. The brand also offers a lighter-weight range of electric tools including three electric chainsaws, a long reach pole pruner, hedge trimmers and two blower/vacs to keep gardens under control.


Peter Chaloner, managing director of Henton & Chattell, which is one of the UK’s largest distributors of powered garden products, said: “UK gardeners now face a bewildering choice of products from a huge number of different manufacturers.   Our plan is to make selection simple and easy by offering everything the gardener needs under just one brand – Cobra.


“This is a tough, hard working brand that embodies the very latest technology in engines and manufacturing.  By creating the one Cobra brand, gardeners will quickly become familiar with a name they can trust for dependability and quality.”


The range also includes electric blower/vacuums to keep lawns and gardens debris free. Later in 2014 a new range of Cobra ride-on lawnmowers will be launched along with further new powered garden machinery products.


The range will be available for the 2014 season from the company’s 1500+ network of dealers with prices starting at £49.99.


To support the launch of the new Cobra range, Henton & Chattell have launched a brand new website featuring product information, a blog and a media centre amongst other facilities.


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