Keep Unwanted Visitors at Bay With JWP

Keep Unwanted Visitors at Bay With JWP

The PestClear range uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies to repel rats, mice and crawling insects from the home, providing a modern alternative to a market that currently offers only tired, old technology. This highly effective method makes the age old problem of repelling house and garden pests a thing of the past, with the added benefit of leaving no messy clean ups.

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Products vary from single room repellers to units that work in large houses up to 4000 square feet, each is attractively designed so as to take up minimal room and activated in seconds, using any household plug socket. In fact once they’re plugged in you won’t even notice them at work, as people and family pets are immune to the frequencies that pests simply cannot cope with. The beauty of the PestClear range is that it doesn’t just target the pests you can see, but also those that hide out in walls, attics and other hidden areas. The initial launch is very much targeted towards winter products for use indoors.

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A range of outdoor summer products that repel garden pests such as cats and birds will be released in the coming months, (all products will be on show at Glee 2015). The PestClear range also includes a series of more conventional, baited traps. PestClear is an award winning brand, having won at the UK DIY Industry Awards on 3 occasions, and while it is a new venture for JWP, the quality and innovation on display mean it fits in perfectly with the company’s exciting product portfolio.

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