Horticultural Packaging

Horticultural Packaging

Macpac continue to expand their innovative range of packaging for the mail order market with great success.

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When a large plug plant wholesaler approached Macpac 5 years ago to improve their mail order packaging range, they knew little of where it would lead.

Today Macpac is a dominant UK manufacturing force in the mail order plug plant market with its products. A dedicated new website has been launched to make buying these products simpler and quicker – see www.plantpac.net.

Innovation and quality manufacture has been the key to Macpac’s success; much the same as it has been in other markets during the last 40 years. Initially the range had a couple of different shapes and sizes of plug plant packs that were, and still are, manufactured in the UK by Macpac from recycled PET film. There are now 8 different packs in configurations of 3,6 and 12 plug options including 2 9cm x3 pots for larger ­­plants. Every pack can be completely recycled after use, which adds weight to their environmental credentials. One of these is self contained with the clamshell protecting the whole plant from root to foliage and the other is a 3 pot arrangement that fits neatly into a corrugated box, the length of which is easily varied to fit the foliage height. Optional corrugated outer packaging is also supplied to make the packs completely secure when in transit.

The clamshells are designed with a simple but very effective closure system that can be easily operated even when wearing gloves, which speeds up the packing process. All the packs have excellent ventilation to keep plants as fresh as possible. Individual packs can also be personalised with an engraving in the design adding brand value at a small extra cost.

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In addition to the plug plant range Macpac supply a selection of propagator packs. These are available in 4 different sizes and are configured to propagate 21, 33 or 42 plugs. They are also supplied in different heights to accommodate varying plant heights. New for 2016 is the Large Letter plug plant pack. This has been designed to carry 6 plug plants in a pack that will fit the size of a Royal Mail large letter. This keeps the postal costs down to the lowest possible rate whilst still affording the plants a high level of protection required for transit by post. There is no need for any additional packaging with the Large Letter pack as it only requires an address label and a stamp. At the current postal costs a pack with a total weight of between 250 and 500 grammes would cost just £1.51 to send in the post. Macpac hold extensive stocks of the Plantpac horticultural packaging range making them available for short term delivery. With ordering via the new dedicated website.

Macpac will be exhibiting the Plantpac range at FourOaks September 6-7 on stand C13 and GroSouth 9th November. Two brand new packs will be on show at the exhibitions inclduign a new 12 plug Large Letter plug plant pack LL312, enabling up to 12 plugs to be delivered through the post at the large letter postal cost. This larger pack comes hot on the heels of the success developed already by this year’s launch of the 6 plug large letter pack. Additionally there is a new 9cm single plug plant pack with provision for 150mm foliage height that takes both square and round pots. Growers are invited to come and view the entire range at either of the shows.

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