Keep trees safe this winter

Keep trees safe this winter

As insects and aphids look for prime spots to lay their eggs, gardeners can keep their trees safe this winter with Vitax’s enthusiast and pest control range.
Perfect for gardeners who want abundant crops and blooms in spring, Vitax has developed three products to keep insects at bay.

Consisting of three products; Winter Tree Wash, Fruit Tree Grease and Tree Bands, each has been created to help keep trees in tip-top condition during the colder months.
Organic gardeners can protect trees and bushes with Winter Tree Wash– a completely natural organic product – it gives plants a good clean ready for the spring.

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With a blend of surfactants and natural oils, it removes insect debris, dust and wax which insects use to secure their eggs.  Suitable for use on evergreen plants, it removes contaminants from the leaf surface to increase light exposure and encourage photosynthesis.

In addition to Winter Tree Wash, Vitax has formulated Fruit Tree Grease specifically to deter winter moths and other fruit tree loving insects.

Fruit Tree Grease is an easy-to-use brush-on, monitoring trap.  Preventing wingless female moths from climbing fruit trees and laying eggs in tree bark crevices, it can be applied now and re-applied late winter to ensure fruit trees enter spring healthy and free of eggs.

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Alternatively, gardeners can use Tree Bands – a completely pesticide free option.  Suitable for organic gardening, each band is treated with a non-drying adhesive which stops insects in their tracks.  

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Forming an impenetrable barrier, it is a non-hazardous solution for wingless moths and other insects such as ants and caterpillars.

All three products are available from good garden centres and hardware stores.

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