Pure Burning Briquettes

Pure Burning Briquettes

Premium BBQ Briquettes & Premium Starter by Die Kohle-Manufaktur now available in the UK.

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Die Kohle-Manufaktur is a provider of smoke-free Premium BBQ Briquettes and the Premium Starter accessory, offering many advantages to point of sale  and end customers. The lignite briquettes that are “made in Germany”, are now available in convenient 2.5 kg and 5 kg design packaging and in various display variants for retailers in the UK and can be ordered from Die Kohle-Manufaktur.

Premium BBQ Briquettes from Die Kohle-Manufaktur boast a high degree of purity with over 80 per cent carbon content (also used as activated carbon). This is pressed with organic starch under high pressure to form briquettes. The result is a burning time of up to 4.5 hours with a continuous high temperature. “During many years of meticulous work, we have been developing Die Kohle-Manufaktur in our search for the perfect BBQ briquette formulation,” says Frank Stormanns, the inventor of the briquettes who has worked on the product during his spare time. “Premium BBQ Briquettes are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of real barbecue experts and gourmets and guarantee extra-long barbecuing fun.”

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The activated carbon does not contain any carbon or hydrocarbon compounds that are harmful to health, pollute the environment or smoulder when burning. The quality product comes in a compact design packaging made of high-grade FSC paper with a user-friendly tear-open spout.

In 2015, the packaging won the Red Dot Award in the packaging design category. In combination with the Premium Fuel Paste and a standard charcoal chimney, smokeless lighting is possible. The products are now also available in the UK.

Premium BBQ Briquettes are placed neatly and compactly on a 60 cm-wide floor display on a quarter-pallet that, with a total of four units each, is shipped on europallet. The units that are tailor-made for POS can be ordered with 2.5 kg or 5 kg packages, or as a mixed pallet (two quarter pallets of
2.5 kg and 5 kg each).

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Moreover, there are other options available to retailers.

All displays are delivered fully fitted – including Premium Starter  – and ready for sale.

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