Roundup award clean-up

Roundup award clean-up

Roundup’s latest innovation, the Gel Telescopic Wand has won its first industry accolade scooping a new product innovation award at Glee 2016. The Gel Telescopic Wand, which beat off stiff competition in the tools and machinery category, allows consumers to tackle weeds easier, and more effectively without the need to over stretch or bend down.

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The innovative wand extends from 0.3m to 0.6m allowing easy reach of weeds, whether it’s at the back of a flower bed or making fast work of weeds in a path or patio without using a spray. Roundup Gel simply attaches to the wand with a simple twist and dispenses the weedkiller through the click of a trigger. Roundup also exhibited its redesigned weed control collection, made up of three clear product ranges Roundup TOTAL, Roundup TOUGH and Roundup PATH. These were released following consumer search insights showing consumers are looking for a brand they can trust and to deliver simple solutions to their specific weed problems, be it general weed control, weeds in the number one problem area, or dealing with tough and difficult weeds. The newest weedkillers to hit the shelves for 2017 include:

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New Improved Roundup Pump N Go 5.0L

Allows up to ten minutes of controllable spraying, perfect for  treating drives in one simple sweep. In addition, the new product features improved packaging for easier storage benefitting both retails and consumers.

New Tough Roundup Gel

Following the growing popularity of Roundup Gel’s award-winning formula, Roundup have launched a gel that’s 10 x stronger than the Original Gel designed to tackle tough weeds like tree stumps and deep-rooted, woody perennial weeds with the easy to use applicator.

New Path & Drive Collection

Designed to tackle weeds on hard surfaces. Available in a variety of solutions, Path & Drive gives gardeners complete choice whether they prefer a Ready to Use Spray, Pump ‘N Go, Concentrate or Gel formula.