Sipcam Launch at GLEE

Sipcam Launch at GLEE

Sipcam UK treated visitors at GLEE to the launch of their new range of ecofective environmentally responsible garden products.

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Visitors to the international GLEE exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC were the very first to see the UK launch of a range of ecofective environmentally responsible garden products from SIPCAM UK.

The 18 ecofective products in the range include: weed control ready-to-use sprays (RTU); a combination 3in1 spray  for roses that offers bug and mildew control plus nutrients in both RTU and concentrate formats; a similar combination product for fruit, vegetables and shrubs RTU & concentrate; a bug killer for vegetables, fruit and shrubs  in a RTU format; a slug barrier and a unique Wonder Feed including biostimulants.

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In all cases the active ingredient in each of the ecofective products is uniquely formulated to maximise efficacy whilst lowering impact on the environment and risk to the user. Most are successfully used by commercial growers, professional landscapers and pest controllers in the UK and Europe moving away from conventional chemical controls. SIPCAM UK is part of the family-owned Sipcam business based in Milan that has been producing similar products for more than 70 years. The company bring the latest technological innovations to British domestic gardeners.

“ecofective brings professionally proven products to British domestic gardeners. Our corporate mantra is to be kinder to the environment compared to conventional products. All ingredients have favourable eco-toxicological and health and safety profiles, preferably using naturally derived ingredients,” says Matt Jones who heads a team of eleven at SIPCAM UK.

“The vast majority of ecofective products are manufactured in the UK. We are taking a very long view, having recognised the opportunities and potential in the British domestic garden market. SIPCAM is a €0.5 billion business. Our technology is being developed following many decades of strategic R&D in cooperation with leading international universities. “This provides us with a unique skills set in what is an already over-crowded market. All research shows that British domestic gardeners seek environmentally responsible and safer ways to help them look after their homes and gardens. ecofective makes  the bio-technologies Sipcam and its partners have developed available to them  in attractive and easy to use forms. This is particularly relevant now as an increasing number of pesticides, active ingredients and conventional chemicals used by gardeners are being withdrawn from world-wide markets, often due to environmental concerns and perceived safety concerns.”   

Matt continues by identifying the fact that Sipcam’s corporate technology is driven by the world-wide demand to provide ever increasing quantities of top quality food whilst using  less chemicals and in a way that is in direct harmony with the environment.

“ecofective meets both objectives and moves the whole technological platform of plant protection and nutrition for British domestic gardeners up to a higher and environmentally safe level,” adds Matt. Highly attractive and effective point-of-sale material is available for retailers stocking the range, delivered with the initial stock intake.

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All products are delivered in outer cartons, with Decco exclusively handling all wholesale distribution into the Garden Centre Sector. The full ecofective range is available from December.

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