The Simple, Easy Fence Post Repair System

The Simple, Easy Fence Post Repair System

Leaning, rotted fence posts have always been an annoying problem.  Traditional repairs are laborious and time-consuming. These days, when hardly anyone has time to stop and smell the roses, there is dire need for a much quicker, easier solution.  And here it is – Post Buddy!
Thanks to the innovative Post Buddy system, there is no need to dig up the post or dismantle any of the fencing.  With Post Buddy you can simply repair fence posts where they stand, in even the tightest of spaces, without the danger of destroying a beautiful, mature planting.

Anchored half a metre deep into the still solid underground wood of the fence post, supported by the existing concrete base, the Post Buddy system’s 2 steel stakes act like splints, bridging the broken section and thereby re-joining the 2 parts of the post. The fence post is straight and strong once again.
With more than 100,000 sold since its online launch, the Post Buddy system has received rave reviews from customers, which is borne out by its unbiased 5-star ‘excellent’ Trust Pilot rating. Sales rise dramatically after a storm, causing customers to complain: ‘Why can’t I find Post Buddy in my local garden centre or DIY store?’

With this in mind, the company have worked hard to get Post Buddy retail-ready.
The system comes tie wrapped in packs of 2, attached to an eye-catching, yet weather-proof label, making it suitable for internal or external displays.  The label has full installation instructions on the reverse and is designed to be hung from Eurohooks.  The Post Buddys’ long, slim shape means they will take up little retail space.
Fence-Aid Ltd., the company behind Post Buddy, holds full UK, U.S. and Australian patents.

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