• Keeping Hands Protected

    Keeping Hands Protected

    A customers most important tools are their hands, and now they can keep them protected with Hand Armour, a new multi-use barrier cream from Everbuild – A Sika Company. Providing protection against any wet or dry contaminants, it has been designed to help stop the skin from absorbing harmful substances as well as protecting against

  • Offering the Best

    Offering the Best

    Big K is one of the leading BBQ fuel and Solid Fuel producers and distributors in the UK.  The company looks back on over 40 years of trading experience and strives to offer consumers the best quality products, so that they have a positive experience when using one of Big K’s products. This usually results

  • Big Start to 2018 for Pest-Stop

    Big Start to 2018 for Pest-Stop

    Pest-Stop have had a very busy start to 2018 with the launch of two brand new product ranges.

  • Moving Invisibly

    Moving Invisibly

    Two new plant trolley models from Wagner offer a pedestal and mobile platform all in one. The new rollers still allow the easy and comfortable movement of heavy planters but now without visible castors. To achieve this design the rollable pedestals have a frame that covers the castors, which are fixed under it, enclosing the

  • Decco Hold a Successful Conference

    Decco Hold a Successful Conference

    Leading figures from the top brands in the UK home and garden industries reacted very positively to home improvement and garden wholesaler, Decco’s first supplier conference in six years. Based around the theme of ‘Explore, Engage, Evolve’, the event was chaired by Decco’s Supplier Relations Manager, Chris Gladwin and included a keynote speech from Chief

  • Over One Million Copies Sold

    Over One Million Copies Sold

    Decco has printed over one million copies of its Fair and Square Spring Brochure. Fair and Square is Decco’s flagship marketing programme for supporting independent retailers. Each campaign includes over 200 seasonal items including garden, household and laundry, cook and bake, security, pest control, decorating, heating, and lighting from top brands. There are impactful offers

  • Stax Embrace  the Growth in Grow your Own

    Stax Embrace the Growth in Grow your Own

    Stax Trade Centres have embraced the trend towards grow your own gardening with an updated garden collection. Recent years have seen a resurgence for ‘grow your own’ gardening as people seek to create their own crops at home. A mixture of rising food costs alongside the rise of veganism has led to a desire for

  • Product Winners

    Product Winners

    Dogmatic were proud to announce that they were Winners of the ‘Product I can’t live ­­­without’ category of the Your Dog Magazine Product Awards 2017/18. This represented a fantastic achievement, as Dogmatic became the first Company to win the accolade for the fifth time in a category that spans the pet product market. A representative

  • Fix Broken Fence Posts After Winter Storms

    Fix Broken Fence Posts After Winter Storms

    This winter the whole of the UK has had to suffer a fair few winter storms with some areas of the country experiencing gusts of around 100mph. One of the effects: many, many snapped fence posts, and many leaning fences in danger of total collapse. All of them in need of repair before the next